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Celebrating 30 Years at MEC

MEC Outdoors team member, Nicki, recently celebrated 30 years at MEC.  She shared her journey during those years and how it has led her to ultimately learn complex wiring systems for the MEC Clay Target machine line of products.  Her dedication to the company and our products is a direct reflection of the quality and craftsmanship presented to our customers when they invest in a MEC Clay Target Machine.   Nicki's Career Journey Shortly after high school Nicki began her journey at MEC by working part time through a temp agency.  Full time MEC jobs back then were hard to come by because you had to know someone employed at MEC to get hired.  Fortunately for Nicki, her neighbor worked at MEC and gladly put in a good word for her.  She remembers fondly getting the call from MEC.  Her daughter was only 4 yrs. old at the time and answered the phone.  Nicki told her to tell the caller, (not knowing it was MEC) that she would call them back.  Her smart little girl said, “Momma, this phone

Celebrating 45 Years at MEC

45 years! Few people can say they have been employed at the same company for that many years.  It is an achievement in loyalty and dedication only few can possess. We are fortunate Roger has spent the past 45 years with us at MEC.  After he graduated high school, he began his career at the age of 18.  He always knew he would find his work “home” here because for so many years, much of his family including his brothers, dad, uncle and even cousin worked at MEC.  His dad and brother Harvey were both machinists. Gary, his other brother, and cousin Dennis were both tool makers. Forty-five years is a long time to work at one place and especially in the same department, but for Roger, he has always enjoyed it.  He has been in the MEC Reloader department his entire career. As he reflects on his time at MEC, he gives this advice to newcomers; “MEC is a good company.   There is a lot of opportunity in a place like this to grow. The welding, painting and bootcamp programs offered now weren’t

Q & A: 20 Questions with Morgan Craft

Morgan Craft has been a sponsored shooter with MEC Outdoors for several years now. She is a part of a small group of athletes in the shooting industry from around the country, that has proudly partnered with MEC Outdoors.  Growing up in Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania, Morgan engaged herself in hunting trips with her family for deer, turkey, and squirrels. Through a local 4H program she began shooting shotguns before transitioning as an international competitor in skeet shooting. This young athlete, with 12 yea rs of skeet shooting experience, decided this was the sport for her right from the start, while growing up in a shooting sport enthusiastic family. She appreciates the sport’s community, opportunity to show team spirit while competing around the world, and the benefits it can offer a competitor at a variety of ages. The challenges you face, and the patience and consistency obtained are what Morgan encourages every new shooter on the line to be aware of while striving for success.