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It’s all about the Wad…..

by Shari LeGate When I started reloading, there was a huge learning curve.   I had no one to learn from, so the instructions and the load data were very important.   Good news is, I had no major accidents, just a couple of shot shells that were without powder or shot. There are many elements to reloading, but one of the most important is proper components. Use incorrect or substandard components and you’ll have a substandard load. We all know the hull is the most important component, but the wad plays a much bigger role than most folks realize. Using the correct wad brings the shot shell together and makes everything work in sync. The wrong wad can cause inconsistent shot patterns, variance in velocities and a malformed shot shell. All can result in a missed shot.   I’ve used a lot of different wads over the course of my reloading career, and for me, aside from protecting the barrel from the shot, the most important thing from a wad is controlling the build-up of plastic