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Pass It Up or Pass It On

by Shari LeGate There’s a huge influx going on right now. One that hasn’t gone unnoticed — the growth of women in the shooting sports. Just recently, a report was released showing that in the last decade, the number of women who target shoot has increased by nearly 70% (67.4% from 2003 to 2012) to more than 6 million. The number of women who hunt has increased 43% to 3 million. That’s a big jump. With that many women coming into the shooting sports, there’s a another great opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up; A chance to share not only the fun of reloading but the knowledge of reloading as well. When I started shooting, women were not as prevalent as now and a woman reloading was even more unheard of. I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, when I wanted to start reloading, I asked many fellow shooters to steer me in the right direction. Find a reloader, teach me the process and simply just give me a better understanding about the art of reloading. Well, that was a lot to ask ba