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Be In Control

A few weeks ago during a coaching session, one of the shooters missed a target. I asked him, as I always do, to tell me about the miss: what happened, where the barrel was in relation to the target, etc. It’s not that I didn’t know, but I’m a firm believer that the shooter needs to know. You can’t fix what, you as the shooter, can’t see. If the coach continually tells you where you are on a missed target, the shooter doesn’t learn how to read their own shots. So, I asked this young man where his gun was when he took the shot and he replied, “Not on the target.” I looked at him for a minute and asked, “Then why’d you pull the trigger?” He got a sheepish grin, shrugged his shoulders and gave the go-to answer, “I don’t know.” So, why do we pull the trigger when we know we’re not seeing the right sight picture? More often than not, we pull the trigger because we’re supposed to. We’ve trained ourselves to pull the trigger within a certain amount of time after we call for the target.