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Building a Skeet Field of Dreams Part 3

This is my 3 rd update of our Field of Dreams. Our Mec 300E Sporter Skeet set has finally arrived! Although I’m sorry I missed pictures of the uncrating, I just got so excited that I didn’t even think of taking any. It was like Christmas day for me!  One of our coaches Joe Hayes and I couldn’t wait for everyone else to help unpack. We went right to work getting the machines unboxed and set in place in the houses. We had called before and got all the specifications on the machines, so we had already built the bases. We set the machines in place roughly in alignment and bolted them down. Although I thought the small, minuscule adjustments would take hours to do, with the easy adjustability of my MEC Machines we had them set and throwing targets at the perfect height and angle in no time. We are having our local MEC dealer come to do the fine tuning of the machines so they will be ready to throw registered skeet targets.  Coach Joe Hayes and I couldn’t stand waiting any long

Make The Introduction

What’s the best way to introduce someone to the shooting sports? It’s easy. Simply invite them to come out and shoot with you. That really is the answer, but if that were the only answer it would make for a very short blog and there would actually be a whole lot more people out shooting right now. Introducing someone to the shooting sports can be tricky. If they’re interested in the sport and approach you, they’ve made the invite for you. You just take them out to the range with you. But more times than not, people are intimated by the sport. Especially women and kids and they’re afraid to ask. There’s a certain amount of fear that goes along with holding your first shotgun and pulling the trigger. Most all of it is unfounded, but the perception is still there. Sometimes they’ve had a bad experience. Someone handed them a 10 or 16-gauge with hot loads in the chamber and the recoil of the gun knocked them back or even worse, hurt them. Unfortunately, that happens more times than

How a Passion for Hunting Leads to Team USA

A passion for hunting began a journey that would lead all the way to a three consecutive National Titles and a two-time member of the USA Sporting Clay Team.  Dalton Kirchhoefer’s shooting journey began with an 8-year-old boy constantly pestering his father to take him pheasant hunting. Dalton after pheasant hunting with his dog Jessie in Indiana 2011 After trips walking in the field with his father and carrying the birds weren’t enough to quench his thirst at age 10, his dad finally relented on one condition.  Dalton had to go down to the local range and demonstrate he could be safe and responsible first.  Dalton and his dad goose hunting in Arkansas 2012 Almost as fate were leading the way, at the local range Dalton met local pro and MEC Outdoors sponsored shooter Bob Self.  Figuring it’s always best to learn the proper techniques, his father signed him up for a lesson.  Being the first time Dalton had ever fired a shotgun, the goal was just to learn the proper stanc