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Celebrating 30 Years at MEC

MEC Outdoors team member, Nicki, recently celebrated 30 years at MEC.  She shared her journey during those years and how it has led her to ultimately learn complex wiring systems for the MEC Clay Target machine line of products.  Her dedication to the company and our products is a direct reflection of the quality and craftsmanship presented to our customers when they invest in a MEC Clay Target Machine.   Nicki's Career Journey Shortly after high school Nicki began her journey at MEC by working part time through a temp agency.  Full time MEC jobs back then were hard to come by because you had to know someone employed at MEC to get hired.  Fortunately for Nicki, her neighbor worked at MEC and gladly put in a good word for her.  She remembers fondly getting the call from MEC.  Her daughter was only 4 yrs. old at the time and answered the phone.  Nicki told her to tell the caller, (not knowing it was MEC) that she would call them back.  Her smart little girl said, “Momma, this phone