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Safe & Secure with MEC’s Slug Loader

by Shari LeGate A few weeks ago, I was at a local shooting range for a trap match.   This is not a small range. It’s one of the biggest ranges in the country and has a 5-star rating. There was also a sporting clays match going on as well so there were several hundred people milling around and shooting. There were two sporting courses and both were being used. One on each side of the trap fields, not on the sides of the trap fields, but in front and behind the trap line. It was time for my squad to shoot and as I walked up to the trap line, I noticed about 300 – 350 yards out in front of this trap field was a 25ft. berm. Standing on top of the berm were several sporting clay shooters getting ready to shoot the sporting course. I pointed this out to the trapper remarking this was a huge safety issue, not to mention enormously distracting but was told it was fine. The range does this all the time when running multiple matches. I was told the berm is outside of the shot fall zone and