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Building a Skeet Field of Dreams Part 1

Hello everyone! I’m Makayla Scott. Here’s the story of how my field of dreams is being created. I was 15 when I found out about the SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) and what a wonderful program it is and all it offers to our youth. Right out of the gate, I was so excited to join the program! Soon after though, I learned West Virginia didn’t have an SCTP Team. I continued to a North Carolina team over 4 hours away. I was so thankful for this team, but I wanted to represent my home state.  For the past year, I have worked alongside my father planning to form a West Virginia SCTP Team. Pretty soon, we finally got some other coaches on board. Sadly, in the process, we lost our only practice field. This made the need for a range even more dire. After this news, it made the dream for a West Virginia Team seem impossible. But, at the Guinness World Record attempt, I met the people behind MEC Outdoors. Soon, they decided to make me a sponsored shooter. Along with this a