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You're ready...but are you prepared?

By Shari LeGate “My ritual is the same before every game…. Maybe I play cards with the guys or watch a movie on television, but all day I’m going back and forth between thinking about those things and thinking about the game. I start picturing the way I want to play…..”   Michael Jordan, NBA All-Star No matter what sport we compete in, we have to prepare ourselves, and so we do all the exercises that prepare our bodies. In shooting, we do stretching exercises limbering up our arms and legs, twisting our backs and waists to be able to rotate to that hard left or right. But while it’s important to physically prepare, it’s just as important to mentally to prepare. I know most of us say we do it, but seriously ask yourself ….do you…..really? Too many of us think mental preparation will happen automatically, because we want it to. What separates the good shooter from the great shooter is those who purposely prepare both their mind and their body. “It’s hard to separat