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Getting to Know Shari LeGate

Brand Ambassador for MEC Outdoors I’ve been a brand ambassador for MEC Outdoors since 2009 and I’m excited to start this new monthly blog. Hopefully, this will let me better get to know the loyal customers of MEC Outdoors, answer questions and share what I’ve learned over my shooting career. I wasn’t lucky enough to grow up shooting. No members of my family were hunters or recreational shooters. We didn’t even own a firearm. We didn’t fish, camp, hike or anything else related to the outdoors. So, my introduction to the shooting sports came later in life as a result of a television program. 1984 Olympic champion Matt Dryke was shooting an exhibition skeet match on a show and the sport fascinated me, so I signed up for shooting lessons at a local club. I had never shot a shotgun in my life and for my first lesson I was handed a 20-gauge loaner gun, told to put cotton in my ears, and builder’s apron was tied around my waist that held a box of ammunition. I then was directed to

Building A Skeet Field of Dreams Part 2

A lot has happened since my last post! Tons of schoolwork and practice.  With all the latest activities, the most exciting has been the Field of Dreams. We have both the skeet houses about 80% completed. That turned out be the easy part! There is a lot of planning and engineering that goes into a Skeet field, as we have learned. It’s not as simple as just building two houses. Everything must be on grade and all the angles correct.  Thankfully, two of our coaches have a background in engineering and survey, so they were able to lay everything out. This took a lot of time and extra careful planning and we got everything correct.  We are also thankful to have a few awesome carpenters on our team as coaches, and they have gotten the houses built. Recently, they got the stairs to the high house done, and will be putting rails on the stairs and top of the high house porch to make it safer to feed our MEC 300E Skeet Set machines dozens of boxes of White Flyer clays.