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Reloading For Hunting

For those of us who enjoy harvesting our own game, the right load is paramount to the hunt being both successful  and gratifying, which is why I like to do my own reloading. I know when I take that shot, whether it’s hunting birds or large game, I can rely on the ammunition to perform. I’m not against factory loads, but I do know that factory loads can and will malfunction. It’s happened to me more than once on the trap and skeet range. I don’t mind that clay target getting away, because I know I’ll get a do-over with an ammo malfunction, but when I’ve been hunting all day and I’m ready to take the shot and the ammunition doesn’t work, I get slightly annoyed. Okay, in all honesty, I get VERY annoyed. Which is why I recommend wholeheartedly you should reload for hunting. But, there’s more to it than just knowing your ammunition will work. There’s a few other reasons as well. First, you’ll have a much more accurate round with reloading than with a factory load. It’s a proven load that